Thursday, 27 June 2013

LYNDA approx 2.5 year old female mixed breed needing a forever home

Most of the dogs in Croatia and surrounding areas are either dumped on the streets, dumped in public shelters which are horrendous places or born on the streets having to fend for themselves and face all kinds of dangers. These dangers include beatings, torture, being hit by cars or even killed for money.

On the streets there is very little shelter and even less food.  It is also a very frightening place to grow up. As there is so little food the bigger dogs will attack the more submissive smaller dogs and even the pups so Lynda would have seen, and heard a lot of fighting and a lot of the sounds of dogs in pain, and even dying. She would have also known the pain and fear of being attacked herself.
Lynda was living in an open warehouse environment, being fed by the workers there, along with other dogs. Lynda has had a few litters of pups and luckily quite a few have been found homes by the work men there. Lynda is now in abandoned bunker with other dogs being cared for by volunteers.

It is thought that Lynda may have an owner and home before as the volunteers also use an abandoned  house to help care for the dogs, and when she was placed in there she immediately went to a bed to lie down and also stood by the door when she needed to "go". Lynda was scared of people at first but now she has gained trust and confidence around them and is doing fine.

Lynda now needs a forever home. She needs to have the love and care from a family that will be hers for the rest of her days.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport