Wednesday, 9 April 2014

MILA - Croatia - 2 year old mixed breed female

This is the story of Mila in the words of one of her rescuers and carers.

Mila is a cuddly, colorful girl whose cheerful and happy temperament is in complete contrast with the not so happy life she had so far.  She appeared wandering the streets for the first time in early 2012 while she was in heat and was followed by many males. Soon after she appeared on the street she was spayed in order to prevent yet another unhappy bunch of helpless little souls. You can imagine how happy we all were when only few weeks later she got adopted. 

As time passed by however, Mila has been spending more and more time outside of her home, un-vaccinated and un-chipped, wandering the streets and neighbourhood yards.  Disapproval, and reports of her almost daily visits to yards in the neighbourhood became almost constant so a day came when she got reported to the veterinary organization to be caught and taken to a pound, along with her little friend Shmeezla, a Dachshund mix breed girl, even though they were just looking for attention and company and have never done any harm or damage to anyone. 

But that did not happen.  We have again taken Mila (and her little friend ) under our care and placed them in our shelter where she will wait for one of you to fall in love with her and finally take her to the real, warm and loving home this beauty certainly deserves . Until that day comes, Mila wants to be fully prepared for her new family.


Name : Mila
Gender : Female
Breed : mixed breed
Birth : February 2012.
Vaccinated / chipped : Yes
Spayed : Yes

Location: local rescue Da Sapu! Vukovar's shelter
Ref: HR-DSV-Mila-000116