Monday, 1 September 2014

ANABELL - 2 year old female Kuvasz/Labrador cross - on death row in Croatia

My name is Annabell, I am a girl, 2 years old and a Kuvasz/Labrador mix.

 I would like to tell you my story:
I was born in winter 2011. The last of my litter. From the first minute I was a fighter, my first family wrote me off from the first minute in this world. "She' wont survive 'till morning." I heard them say. I gave my best to fight off my brothers and sisters to get some precious milk from mom. I did survive that night, and the night after and I grew enough to find a family of my own. My brothers and sisters have found home in no time, once again, I was written off.

One day I saw a man walking by my yard so I've called him and gave him a saddest look ever, he looked down on me, put a hand on my head and said "You're coming home with me." I was so happy. I jumped around him, wanted to give him as many kisses and hugs. I thought: "In your face! I'm a survivor, I can do anything, I found my owner!" I was smiling all the way to my new home, licking his hand all the way. He introduced me to his family and then took me to backyard. Backyard was beautiful, as big as the world itself. I already imagined how fast and how far will I run all day long, playing with myself, my family.The sound of a chain woke me up from that daydream. He put me on a 6 foot chain that was wrapped around a big pole that held old shack roof from falling down. The chain was around me 24/7, a couple of times I pulled the chain, just to get to the water and the roof collapsed on me. My whole body was hurting as I laid there, licking my wounds. A trip to the vet was out of the question, that was expensive. I survived once again. Weeks, months a year went by and I never felt free.

One day my family ran out of the house, my owner came and took the chain off my neck. "Finally! I am free!"I ran down the backyard, chasing my tail, running so fast I saw only blurred images on my side and then... I felt water on my paws, I was so happy to finally be free I hadn't noticed that something big was going on. I ran to the front yard to warn my family, but they were already gone. The water was rising minute after minute, I was pacing up and about the yard, happy to be finally free but concerned about the water. I could hear some dogs barking, cows mooing, cats meowing. Everyone called for help, but there wasn't any. Everyone that could help us had left the village. The night was falling and I managed to climb onto an old well roof, which was the highest point in my yard I could get on. And waited...and waited ... and waited. All through the night! I was up to my neck in cold, filthy water, I thought that would be the way I go. I was brave, after all, I was a survivor, I had beaten the darkness so many times. If I go I will go with my head held high, I thought.

That morning the sound of a boat and people yelling out some random names woke me up. I barked as I had never before and luckily someone did hear me call. They put me on a boat, gave me water and some food and took me to a shelter where I had a couple of squares I could call my own. I must admit, it was so strange to me to have so many hands petting me. To give me a walks (such a great thing), to give me love I never knew. I survived once again. I am so proud of myself!

But, lately I feel lonely. Almost all of my friends from the floods had returned to their owner or found a new home. Once Again, I feel like the last puppy in the litter. I won't brag. I've heard from volunteers that I am a good girl, I walk nicely on the leash, I am well behaved among strangers, that I get along with other dogs.

Can you help me find a home? Someplace to call my own? A place where I can really feel love, where I can run free which I crave so much, with people I can love back, maybe play with and be happy .... finally. I've waited for so long,don't let my story be in vain. Give me a chance to call myself "survivor" once again!


DEFRA compliant for travel

Vaccinated: yes

Neutered: yes

Treated for fleas and worms: yes

Microchipped: yes

EU passport: yes

Age: 2 years

Located: Beli Manistir pound