Thursday, 9 October 2014

Donatela - 2 year old Fem Doberman for adoption, fostered Staffs

Donatela - 2 year old Fem Doberman for adoption, fostered Staffs

Donatela, what a beautiful and wonderful young lady. Her start in life was not so wonderful, abandoned to the streets and left to fend for herself once she lost her puppyness. This young dog through sheer starvation developed a skin condition that left her with sores all over her body.

She is not a dominant dog and so would have had little choice but to walk away from any scraps of food as the more aggressive and larger dogs than she was then, would have beat her (literally to it)

Thankfully she was rescued by an amazing lady over there in the Balkans and she was lovingly brought back to full health and as you can see in the photo has developed into a stunning looking dog.

The rescuer who fostered her prior to our charity bringing her to the UK to allow another dog to be rescued, she had cats and a small dog that Donatella got along equally well with.

She adores human company but because she is a lanky girl as most Dobermans are, we would recommend a household that experienced with the Doberman breed and with older taller children in the household.

Donatella is:

Fully Vaccinated (Inc anti rabies)
Vet Checked
DEFRA compliant
Has very own full EU Pet passport

If you could offer this wonderful dog a forever home where she will only ever know love and care, where she will give back as much love as you give to her please contact our charity as soon as possible.
or text 07585935950 including your email and Donatelas name in the message
CLICK HERE for more photos of Donatela