Wednesday, 30 July 2014



Julie, 2.5 yr Dachshund mix - wonderful girl looking for home

Julie fostered in the UK- Great loyalty in a small dog. Julie, like many others, just appeared. They left her, and she simply stayed where she was put. From day to day, she was managing the best she could with what she had in her surroundings. One person would give her food, but another would kick and punch her. Julie learned not to trust everyone. Volunteers found her accidentally, she was happy and playful, but cautious. After she realized there was no reason to fear her new friend however, she just threw herself on her back and waited for fusses.

Since she wasn’t close, we all were visiting her as much as possible, because we had no place to put her. With time, little black Julie got under the skin of one of the volunteers. She was asking people to drive her so she could visit Julie any time she could, bringing her food and taking ten ticks from her every time. Then one day she gave Julie a promise, she would take her in. As soon as the current foster dog goes, she’ll come back for Julie and care for her and love her until a forever home was found.

And what happened then? Well, Julie decided to disappear. No Julie. Nowhere. Winter was passing by and Julie still didn’t show up. Until one call; about a little black girl with four puppies from which two already disappeared. When we went to check on the mum with puppies Julie was there waiting with only one baby left alive who was so scared of humans he ran away the moment he saw us.

For such a long time we had no idea where Julie was, the volunteer had another dog in foster, and again, as usual and sadly, there was no other place to put Julie. But, luck was on Julie’s side, the foster dog was soon adopted and the foster carer kept the promise she had made so long ago .. Julie had a foster home and was safe and secure at last ! Sadly there was no sing again of her son but we hope and pray that he too has found safe sanctuary.

As for Julie, she’s sleeping in her foster bed. If her foster carer needs to do work on the laptop, Julie is right there sleeping by the chair. If she needs to go to another room, Julie is waiting in front of the door. Julie became a little shadow to the foster carer, because Julie believes in promises again. One was fulfilled, now it’s time for another one, the forever one with forever home.

Name: Julie
Gender: Female
Breed: Dachshund mix
Birth: around January 2012.
Vacc./chipped: Fully
Spayed: Yes
Defra compliant:Yes
4 weeks free pet insurance when adopted
Text 07585935950 with your email and Julies name in the message