Sunday, 27 July 2014

LilyBelle - aged 2 years 4 months - female lab cross - in UK

This beautiful and cheeky girl is called Lilybelle. Lilybelle was on the streets of Croatia scavanging for every morsel of food and drop of water she could find. The streets are terrifying with dogs fighting for survival against each other, and humans trying to beat them, run them over in their cars and killing them in horrific ways. Lilybelle was caught and placed in a shelter however sadly for her this did not mean more hope. Within the shelter run by the town officials, food for scarce as was water, and there are so many dogs confined in small areas often very vicious fights break out and dogs still die. They are not cared for as a dog should be and also they have a death date placed on them so even if they survive the kennel life their time is limited.

Lilybelle was very lucky however, and was lucky enough to be sponsored to be brought to safety here in the UK, and into kennels. At first the impact of her ‘previous’ life was easy to see. She was underweight and bore some psychological scars .. however she showed a true fighting spirit and ability to trust and love again as she has come out of her shell and shown her potential as a kind and loving soul with just the right amount of playfulness and cheek. She loved to get into the paddock at the kennels and play, interacting with the volunteers and showing a new zest for life.

 Despite the fact that she was so happy in the kennels we all knew what she needed was a home, and she had her next lucky break when she found a lovely lady who agreed to foster her.

Lilybelle took well to a home environment although at first she was a little nervous of all the new things. Televisions, vacuum cleaners and washing machines were all things she showed confusion over, and the noises they made scared her at first. But being the brave soul she is she soon got used to them. What came across very clearly was her love for human company. She definitely showed her zest for life, confident and playful in the home and while out with her 'pack' but equally loving with a need for fusses and cuddles.

Lilybelle then found a forever home. She adores her family and they adore her however due to her breed, size and energy they are finding it too difficult to give her the excersise she needs. This is mainly because she struggles to cope on the leader pulling with over excitement .. but they are unable to let her off the leader as her recall is not progressing. While in foster she had other dogs in the pack and would follow them when out and come back with them.

We therefore feel that she needs to go to a home where there is at least one other dog that she can bond with. This will help with her recall training. She also needs to be somewhere more rural or with fields around and a large garden where she can be allowed to run safely and work off all her steam, plus be trained, away from any roads or other dangers.

Lilybelle does need work, she needs training and is high energy .. but the love this girl will give in return will make every second of work worth it. Could you be the special family that could give this girl the love and life she needs.

DEFRA Compliant for travel
Clinically examined

Vaccinated: yes (inc. Rabies)
Spayed: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes
Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes